Everybody’s been to the massive twelve stair rail, or the new concrete skatepark where rumors and tall tales are shouted about at length to any skateboarder or body in the area… Tales of an unnamed shredder that makes random appearances and pulls the most unexplainable high flying stunts in the history of concrete & skateboarding. If you’ve heard of this madman chances are you’ve heard of Alex “The Wookie” Brand. Yes, that’s right! Making thousands of gnarly appearances at hundreds of skateparks, ranging from the Arizona valleys to the California peaks! Alex has successfully completed some of skateboarding’s most difficult acrobatics. Some leave the park absolutely amazed, others stumble away crying! Well , speculate no more… -J.P.




The deaf skate boards media specialists hooked up with this deaf skater last weekend for this exclusive interview..

How long have you been skateboarding?

A} i have skated since i was 5 but ripping for 19 yrs.ab pole

What’s your name?

A} you know my name.

Where R U from?

A} i was born in england and moved to Arizona when i was 2.

What is the best stuff to skate?



Deaf Alex KFA} i skate pools, street, full pipe, miniramp… maybe i’ll try to skate vert.

Do you do anything besides skate?

A} play video games, painting, and drawing, travel, snowboarding.

What’s the craziest trick you ever pulled?

A} i don’t remember, maybe over the moon.

Favorite video game?

A} any game i play.

Favorite skate park?

A} naaaa street.. raw rules! phx parks and newburg..

You like to travel?

A} yea. i travel a lot on the Westsid3.

What’s up with your hair then?

A} girls love to play with it.

Do your fingers get sore from signing all the time?

A} naa, fingers got sore from <censored> the <censored>.