Who the hell is Brandon White??? YEAH! He has been tearing everything up!!! He would slash your tires!!! You better watch out!!!

…. wrote by ~Deaf Monkey~ ….


Wassup! What is your name?

b/White~ Oh you wanna know my name??? oookkkaaay…. I’m Brandon White I am not telling you my middle name. ha ha!

Who you skate for???

b/White~ you!!! Deaf Skateboards, Grid, Monster Energy, and small shop, Oh f@ck yeah I drink 6 Monster every day… I love the taste!

OHH keep drinking bro! where ya from?

b/White~ Cleveland!!! OOOO… HI…. OOOO

Are you old enough to drink beer?

b/White~ I wish!!!! 3 more years!!! October 4th for sure. You know anyone make fake ID for me???? Don’t put 1990 on fake ID…

You like skate videos?? Feed me some…

b/White~ BLIND and HABABIT

bwfullpipeYou been in police station for skateboarding???… which one you would steal cookie or donut from cop’s desk???

b/White~ UMMMM yeah I take BOTH. JELLY DONUTS!!!!!!! I have to eat so fast before cops see me. Ha!ha!

Good choice!!! So what is your favorite skatespots???

b/White~ Akron…Cleveland!!! OOOO… HI…. OOOO and of course St Louis MISSOURI!!! Hermann’s Hole sooo sick!!!!

I love that part… Where the most f@ck up you ever slammed???

b/White~ HAhahahaha!!!!! Hermann’s hole…. I didn’t even realize the “DEATHBOX” under me… I was dropping, got stuck on “DEATHBOX” all threw me into 9 feet, smashed the shit out of me.. That feels good! I wanna go back again!!!

Yeah!!! I love that! Who is your favorite skater???

b/White~ David Gonzales’s and the god Chris Haslam

Yup! They are so good! What place you really really want to go skate???

b/White~ Australia and Spain

Me too, Do you believe Jermany Roger is quitting skating??

b/White~ I think His choice was stupid!!! And I don’t even f@ck care!!!!

Whatever!! Quitters are for losers!! You think you are gonna be on X Games???

b/White~ Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Maybe some day… Yeah Probably….

I know you can do it!!! Last year was Shaun White’s year… You think it will be Brandon White’s year next??

b/White~ HA HA HA um I aint that good at vert but I am gonna skate it!!

brandon tattoo 2Skate and destroy!!! How many tattoo you have?

b/White~ Monsters for life!!! And my little cute kitten lookin out of my boxer short with skate and destroy logo on her… I am gonna get more tattoo in few weeks…

Your tattoo looks rad! What kind of fast food those make you want to go skate hard???

b/White~ Ha! Ha! Probably ARBY! 5 medium beef cheddar with CHEEEESE for 5 dollars!!!! Go ARBY!!!! And 5 Monster drinks…

Good stuff!!! You think you can add tricks to the skateboarding world???

b/White~ Ha! Ha! Not really you seen all X Games are so different, really interesting SOOOO what about Brian Werner had an idea for his lovely tires with his weird tricks???

Oh Yeah!! My tires and me in the tub bathin…. I love it! It was so much fun! I am still getting black marks on my peepee. HA! HA! So when you were a little boy, you had so much energy how was your skating like??

b/White~ Ha! I don’t know since it makes me more focused and realize that I am in love with skateboards more than ever… I LOVE SKATEBOARDS!!! I mean I love Deaf Skateboards!!!!

Yeah… You know that your skateboard don’t care about you? your skateboard always laughs at you every time you ate shit! So You think skateboard is more important than college???

b/White~ HA! HA! Maybe…. College keeps you stay fresh, brain needs exercise!!! When you are hurt then what you gonna do?? Yeah go College I would do BOTH.

True! When you go college, you dress up like a surfer dude or punk skater? What is your style???

b/White~ HA!HA! DUUUHHHH! I don’t even care what I m looking… I m just me being peace.

bw  fs air in cleveland barNice!!! Skateboarding means lot to you and inspires you?

b/White~ It means a lot to me, because it rocking my world…Let’s pretend you are deaf or you are really deaf so you could feel the vibrations more than hearing peoples are feeling on skateboarding because deaf peoples have 4 great ones out of 5 senses (feel, see, taste, smell and NO HEAR) and love to feel the vibrations like BOOM BOOM music. That’s how deafies like the feeling.

Right On!!! Any thanks to anyone???

b/White~ Everybody!!!!

Sweet! Let’s go skate!!!

b/White~ Let’s go Hermann’s Hole!!!

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