That deaf dude is f@cking awesome!!! I asked him few questions…. let’s spread the germs!!!
…. wrote by ~Deaf Monkey~ ….

Wassup! what is your name?

PAUL~ Yeah! My name is Paul Preston Johnson JJJJJRRRRRR!

Where ya from?

PAUL~ PORTLAND!!! in Oregon. Many Many skateparks!!!!

Your birthday?

PAUL~ June 25 1981 or something like that…

Who taught you how to skate????

PAUL~ Ha! DUH! I taught myself skate. That’s all I do is skate,skate,skate.

how long you been skating?

Paul~ Now about between 16 or 17 years. and I still go skate everyday.

How did you get into skateboarding world???

PAUL~ My cousin Raymond offered me to skate and I like the feeling.
Now, I am still in love with my stick with 4 wheels.

what did you mom think of you as a skateboarder??

PAUL~ My mama was so scared and wants me to wear helmets and pads… f@ck that pads! pads look dorky!!!!


Have you travel anywhere to skate????


PAUL~ Few places, Right Now I am living in Atlanta GA!!! Come over and pick me up to go skate yah!

Best skate spot you ever skate???? Burnside???

PAUL~ Burnside for life!!!! I missed everyone at Burnside. check me out on myspace

Worst slams?????

PAUL~ Skateboarding is frustrating me, makes me want to kill my skateboard. haha! Who cares about worst slams!!!!

You were on THRASHER MAGAZINE in August 2002???? are you stoked????

PAUL~ Hell yes!!! I would like to see more of my pictures in different magazine just one more. …

What you think of Deaf Skateboards???

PAUL~ I am so happy to know that there are many deaf skateboarders out in the world. thank god!!!


Can you hear anything??? favorite music???

PAUL~ Hell no!! I can’t hear shit!!! but, I can feel the music… I like the way hip hop feels so good! I wanna dance!!! BOOM! BOOM!

What would you will be if you never skated??? Rapper? Soccer? Stripper?

PAUL~ Shit! I can’t image me never skate but I guess I would be carpenter…

If you were a drag queen, what would your stage name will be???

PAUL~ DOWE!!!! ha!ha!ha!

You scare of anything??? bee??? women???

PAUL~ F@ck Snakes!!!!

Your favorite skateboarder??? I like Dan Drehobl… what about you???

PAUL~ First Time I meet Tim Bruce {RIP} when I was young. lot of skate demo in burnside but I can’t rememeber. yeah!!!
Your favorite trick????

PAUL~ 360 flips!!!!

skate video????

PAUL~ Alien Workshop “MIND FIELD” and Thrasher video BEER SALVE!!!!


PAUL~ DC shoes!!! my size are 9.5 hook me up man!!! I need shoes!!


PAUL~ any Spitfire 53mm I dont care.


PAUL~ duh!! 139mm Independent trucks!!!! They grind good!

got any sponsorships? skateshop??

PAUL~ NOOO! Hook me up please!!! any shop in Atlanta GA .

What do you call dog with no legs??? ha! Does not matter—- he won’t come.. HA!

PAUL~ JOKE! HA! HA! HA! (jackass!)

anything you want to add??? Give us a holla to homies??? Thanks to anyone???

PAUL~ Shout out for Burnside homies, Brian, Alex, Brandon and of course!!! my family.

I gonna go skate peace out!!!!